Bishop Stopford’s School passionately takes great pride in its richly diverse community. We embrace a multitude of ethnicities, identities, cultures, and religions. Through a calendar of events, a monthly diversity bulletin and our staff and student ambassadors, we wholeheartedly commit to creating an inclusive environment, where discrimination, bullying, harassment, or victimization have no place.


Our aim is to nurture a culture where everyone appreciates uniqueness, feels at ease expressing themselves, and experiences a genuine sense of belonging. We celebrate individuality and diversity while advocating for inclusion and equal opportunities. We understand the significance of embracing a variety of ideas, histories, knowledge, and cultures, recognizing the enhancement they bring to our school.


March 2024

This month, the diversity ambassadors have a number of events planned. From celebrating Women's International Day and Easter to preparing for Culture Day, please click on the link for more information.

January 2024

A Bishop Stopford's  alumni student currently at The University of Cambridge came back with members of the university's African Caribbean Society to encourage more of our students to apply to Cambridge for their degrees. The ACS members gave an inspirational assembly about belonging and fear - factors that deter some students from minority backgrounds from applying to Russell group universities. "If  Black […]

October 2023

To mark the celebration of Black History this month Black History Month at Bishop’s School Clubs and Black History Month Details about Ambassadors and The EDI Working Party History of Caribbean Food History of Jollof Rice Useful Links Students will be welcomed each morning during the month of October with inspirational spoken word, Afrobeats, Calypso, […]