KS4 Preparation Materials



Excellent exam results don’t just come to people who are ‘lucky’ or ‘talented’. They are a product of hard work and dedication. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you know all the information, and can apply this in exams, just because you turned up to lessons! In order to achieve, and indeed exceed, your targets active and thorough revision is key.

When your revise you’ll need to:

  • Learn facts
  • Apply knowledge to new scenarios
  • Understand the layout and format of exam papers
  • Practicing timed past exam papers and questions
  • Develop understanding of topics
  • Practice techniques

Make sure your revision worthwhile:

  • Don’t waste your time and energy on ineffective revision
  • Put your phone away, avoid distraction
  • Set a time frame and stick to it, if you’re doing half an hour revision put everything else aside for that half an hour, set a timer on your phone and put it in the drawer until the timer goes off!

Get your parents/carer on board

Ask your parents for help, talk to them, they want to support you as much as possible.
This document gives some top tips to parents trying to support you.

GCSE Revision sites

Make full use of the excellent GCSE Revision sites. Check out which ones work for you, see the links below:


BBC GCSE Bitesize

SENECA learning

Science Aid


Google classroom – Make sure you have this up and running, ask for help if you are struggling. Join the relevant classrooms to access resources and more. If you don’t know the class code then ASK your teacher. This document  will show you how to log in to google classroom. You may need to get your password/user ID from the IT helpdesk if you don’t know it.


Revision timetable

Use a revision timetable. Here are some useful templates to help you. Edit them print them, stick them somewhere public so everyone knows what you are committing to… the fridge is a good place!


Use these links below to download past papers from the exam boards: