At Bishop Stopford’s School we believe that every student is an individual, and work to create a bespoke pathway through the 6th Form to suit the needs and aspirations of each of them. As a smaller than average sized Sixth Form, we have the flexibility to make this a reality, and our smaller group sizes ensure a more personalised learning experience. Whilst courses will need to have sufficient numbers of students to run, we will make every effort to allow the subject combinations requested.

We offer a broad spectrum of academic and vocational courses in our Level 3 pathway and allow students to mix academic subjects with vocational ones. In addition we offer a diverse L1 and L2 Foundation Programme for those students who require a 3 year pathway through the Sixth Form, and in particular welcome applicants who may have English as an Additional Language.

The Sixth Form is an integral part of the school community at Bishop Stopford’s. The Sixth Form students take an active role within the day to day life of the school. There are opportunities for students to share their expertise in both academic, sporting and social endeavours through supporting the delivery of the extra-curricular programmes to the younger years.

Within the Sixth Form, your child will be guided by our highly experienced pastoral team to develop the skills crucial to succeed in the wider world. High expectations will encourage them to excel in whichever courses they choose to study and compassion will ensure they are morally and socially responsible members of the community long after they have left the school.

We look forward to welcoming you as you embark upon the next phase of your educational journey,

Mrs C L Robbins

Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum & 6th Form