Our School Uniform Policy – 2023/24

The School’s uniform is compulsory, but it has been kept natural and simple, in order to give each individual student, and the School as a whole, a smart appearance.  All property should be clearly marked with the student’s name/Form.

It is the parent(s)/carer(s) and student’s joint responsibility to ensure that the correct uniform is provided and worn properly at all times, including on the way to and from school

If there is any doubt as to the acceptability of any item, other than those specified in the following sections, parent(s)/carers(s) are advised to check with the student’s Head of Year before buying, or allowing to be worn, any such item.


Royal blue with platinum trim with School crest.


Grey V neck jumper with School crest and House colour trim around neck.


Navy tie with two stripes according to year and House.


Plain navy blue or black.  (Hoodies are not part of our School uniform and are not permitted in School).

SHIRT/BLOUSE – Boys and Girls

Plain white.


Boys – Charcoal (dark grey)

Girls – Grey


Grey pleated skirt.  The skirt should be worn at a length just above the knee to just below the knee.


Girls   White knee socks or white ribbed tights.  Thick black ribbed or opaque 70 denier tights may be worn INSTEAD of socks.  White ankle socks are permitted in the Summer term only.

Boys   Plain black or dark grey.

SHOES – Boys and Girls

Plain black leather shoes (which are able to be polished).  All brands of trainers and pumps are not permitted.


A plain navy blue or black hat may be worn whilst outside.  Hats must NOT be worn in the School buildings under any circumstances.


One pair of small stud earrings and a crucifix may be worn.  Nose studs/rings or any other piercing are not allowed.


Plain blue, black or white.


Navy blue polo shirt and shorts with School crest, navy blue socks.

Navy blue and white track suit with School crest.


Students must provide themselves with an apron or an old shirt to wear over their uniform for all art lessons.  For craft lessons, a bib apron that can be tied at the front, with or without a pocket, is required.


A plain dark blue or black school bag will be needed for books, and a string bag for the PE kit.

Our uniform is available from :-

U4K-Uniform 4 Kids (Lyons School Shop)             Divine Solutions Schoolwear Ltd

242 Hertford Road                                                       3 Northumberland Park
Enfield                                                                            Tottenham
EN3 5BL                                                                         N17 0TA

020 8804 3627                                                             020 8216 9113

The following items are NOT part of our School Uniform:

  • Hoodies, tracksuit or sweater tops.
  • Jewellery apart from that listed above.
  • False or varnished nails.
  • Head scarves, unless for religious reasons or medical recommendation, and if worn must be navy blue or black.
  • Jeans or leggings, tight, stretch or figure-revealing trousers.
  • Leather, denim or suede jackets.
  • Trainers or pumps.

Occasional unavoidable wearing of non-uniform items MUST be accompanied by a parental note with a proposed date for the matter to be resolved.

If clarification over any issue of uniform is required, please contact the School.


  • Mobile phones and electrical items (iPads etc) are banned in School. The exception are iPads issued to students for use in lessons.  The Governors of the School accept NO responsibility for mobile phones which are brought to School.  Mobile phones WILL be confiscated.  No investigation will be made into thefts of mobile phones.
  • Any items of non-uniform, electrical items and mobile phones will be confiscated and returned at the discretion of Heads of Year.
  • The School accepts no responsibility for these items.
  • Only items labeled with the student’s name will be returned. Items with no name will be disposed of.