Our House System

The House System at Bishop Stopford’s School

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Coventry St George’s King Alfred’s Temple’s Waltham Trinity

Our House System is important to our school and has been part of the life of our school since it opened in September 1967. When students join our school at age 11, there are detailed conversations with primary schools and placement into houses is carefully considered in the light of these conversations. In practice, most students with siblings at the School will join the House of their older brothers or sisters, but occasionally parents or teachers may express their preference for another house.

As students almost invariably stay in the same House from age 11, to at least 16 or 18, there is an opportunity for House Staff to get to know them, and their families, very well indeed. This means that transition from primary school is usually very smooth.

We have inter-House competitions in numerous sports and cultural activities such as music, drama, art, chess and debating. House colours are awarded for achievement in House activities. Our House System promotes community cohesion, encourages high aspiration, continues to develop our ethos, and most important, celebrates all success.

Each House also has a team of House Prefects. The importance and value placed upon our House prefects is very great indeed. Our students are keen to mature as individuals and to develop a sense of responsibility towards others within and beyond the School gates. House Prefects support other students in the Houses by activities such as:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Paired reading
  • Organising students to participate in House sporting and other competitions
  • Playing an active role in Collective Worship and Assemblies
  • Assisting at Taster and New Entrants’ days
  • Organising charity events
  • Helping Form Teachers during Form time