Addendum COVID-19 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Staff Acceptable Use Policy March 2020
Article 30 Register of Processing Activities
Article 35 Data Protection Impact Assessment

Admissions Policy 2022
Anti Bullying Policy 2020
Attendance Policy 2020
Asbestos Management Policy June 2021
Accessibility Plan 2020-2023
Assessment Recording and Reporting of achievement Policy March 2020

Behaviour Policy May 2021
Behaviour principles September 2021
Charging and Remissions Policy 2021
Child protection and safeguarding policy addendum
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2021

Code of Conduct Model for Schools Sept 2018
Complaint Procedure
Exams Policy incorporating Exams Fire Policy 2020

GDPR Policy (exams) Mar 2018

Health and Safety Policy May 2020

Online Safety Policy 2020

Privacy Notice 2020
Promoting British Values Statement July 2016
Pupil Acceptable Use Policy March 2020

Retention Schedule – July 2019

School Equality Scheme Mar 2019
School Uniform Policy 2020 with COVID updates
SEND Policy 2020-2021 Covid 19 addendum

SEND Policy 2020-2021
SEND Information Report
Student Behaviour Policy May 2021

Use of Reasonable Force and Physical Restraint Policy and Procedures May 2019

Whistleblowing Policy for Schools
Worship Policy – 2020