School Open Evening: Tuesday 26th September 2023

I am writing to confirm the arrangements for the day of the school’s annual Open Evening for prospective parents.

In order to provide sufficient time for staff to arrange displays and organise rooms, the school will be finishing earlier than usual.  Students will be dismissed from school at 12:15pm on 26th September, 2023.

All school prefects and sixth formers are being asked to help out during the evening, as part of their duties.  Other students have agreed to help with activities within particular departments or by showing prospective parents and children around the school.  The evening is always very busy.  Consequently, only those students who have been asked specifically to help by a member of staff, and who have been assigned a particular role in advance, have permission to be present.   If your son/daughter has agreed to help with a particular activity, then you will receive a separate letter about this.  Students attending the evening must be dressed in school uniform and Sixth form students must be dressed smartly in accordance with their Uniform Code.

Helpers need to be in the departments that they have been assigned to by 5.30pm with the evening expected to finish no later than 8pm.

If you are collecting your child at the end of the evening please arrange to pick them up from the Student Entrance as there is concern about them waiting by themselves in the dark.  We are most grateful to the many students who cheerfully involve themselves in different ways during an Open Evening.  They are always our greatest assets.  I am well aware, also, that many parents play a role in providing lifts for students to and from school for which I add my thanks.

In order to get the school back to normal after Open Evening there will be a late start for students on Wednesday 27th September. Students will be expected to onsite before 9.30am as their tutor time will starts at 9.30am.

To those of you who will be attending the Open Evening yourselves with year 6 students, we look forward to seeing you, and thank you in advance to everyone for your continued support of the school.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs T Day

School Open Evening letter 2023


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