May End of Half Term Letter

Half Term

Dear parents/carers,

I hope this end of half term letter finds you well.

We recently had our Cultural Day celebration. This vibrant event was a remarkable opportunity for our school community to come together and honour the diverse cultures that enrich our school family. Both staff and students participated with great enthusiasm, adorning themselves in the colourful attire representative of their cultural heritage. The day began with a festive atmosphere, as the sounds of traditional music from various cultures filled the air, welcoming students as they entered the school. It was a joyous occasion that not only celebrated our differences but also fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for the unique backgrounds of everyone in our school.

I would also like to extend our best wishes to all students currently undertaking external exams; we wish them every success. This is a pivotal time in their academic journey, and we are confident that their hard work and dedication will yield excellent results. Our staff have been committed to providing the necessary support and resources to ensure that each student is well-prepared. We encourage our students to stay focused, manage their time effectively, and approach their exams with confidence. We appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement during this crucial time. Together, we can help our students achieve their full potential.
Finally, I would like to refer you to the end of term newsletter that gives you more exciting information regarding the exciting events undertaken this term.

Return to school, Monday 3rd June, 2024
 Students will return to school at 9.30am
 Students will go to registration
 Students will start their lessons 9.55am.

We look forward to welcoming our students back and continuing their educational journey on Monday 3rd June, 2024.
Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. Together, we can ensure the success and happiness of every child at Bishop Stopford’s School. Have a peaceful and restful half term.

Warm regards,

Tammy Day

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