Accessing Teams via Xbox and PS4

An alternative way to access your remote learning during lockdown.


  1. Go to ‘My games and apps’
  2. Click on ‘Microsoft Edge’
  3. Search ‘Google’
  4. Search ‘Outlook 365’ on the google search engine
  5. Click on top option given to you
  6. Log into school email
  7. Scroll down and click on ‘Microsoft Teams’
  8. It takes a bit of a while to load but eventually does

You can use a keyboard by plugging it into the USB slot on the XBox PS4

  1. Press the ‘playstation’ logo on the controller.
  2. Go to the ‘library’ for games and ‘applications’.
  3. Go into applications and select the internet browser.
  4. Search for ‘office 365 login’.
  5. You do not need to download the app so continue accessing via the web browser.
  6. This should allow you to access all office applications including Teams.
  7. You cannot talk unless you have a headset that you can plug in or a PlayStation camera to talk through.
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