Careers Programme KS3

  • Careers delivered in PSHCE lessons which covers the following
  • preferred style of learning and how to develop study, organisational, research and presentation skills
  • to identify own strengths, interests, skills and qualities as part of the personal review and planning process, including their value to future employability and strategies for further developing them
  • different types of work, including employment, self-employment and voluntary work; that everyone has a ‘career’ which is their pathway through life, education and work
  • about the laws and by-laws relating to young people’s permitted hours and types of employment and how to minimise health and safety risks
  • about different work roles and career pathways, including clarifying their own early aspirations
  • about the labour market (including the diversity of local and national employment opportunities and about self-employment); about learning options, skills, occupations and progression routes
  • about the choices available to them at the end of Key Stage 3, sources of information, advice and support, and the skills to manage this decision-making process
  • the benefits of being ambitious and enterprising in all aspects of life
  • the skills and qualities required to engage in enterprise, including seeing opportunity, managing risk, marketing, productivity, understanding the concept of quality, cash flow and profit
  • the importance of protecting their own and others’ reputations; protecting their ‘online presence’: the concept of having a personal ‘brand’ that can be enhanced or damaged
  • to assess and manage risk in relation to financial decisions that young people might make


  • Use of Kudos online careers tool
  • Careers seminars for Year 9 students ahead of options choices featuring different professionals from a wide range of careers. Recent visitors have included staff from: British Airways, Metropolitan Police, NHS, Marriott Hotels, Investment 2020, CONEL – Engineering faculty, ChoppyCuts Academy
  • Year 9 Options evening
  • Year 9 Taster Lessons
  • Dedicated Year 9 Careers & Options Google Classroom to share opportunities for online careers webinars, virtual work experience placements, support to guide students through the options process



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