Meals / Lunchtimes

Break times are as follows each day:

  • Break 1 is from 10:55 am to 11:15 am
  • Break 2 is from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm

ParentPay and Cashless Catering

ParentPay_logoWe accept payments online for School meals, Visits, Maintenance & Revision Resources using a secure online service called ParentPay.  Please ensure you have received your activation details (Username and Password) to access your ParentPay account. You can check your account on ParentPay and top up funds by clicking here

Alternatively, a PayPoint barcode letter or Card can be ordered to do ‘top-ups’ in cash in local shops. To find a PayPoint retailer in your area, please click the following link

Please check regularly that there are sufficient funds on your ParentPay account and allow at least one day for Internet transactions and two to three days for PayPoint transactions to be credited to your account. Please give your child any receipts you receive if you are unable to meet these timescales.

If you require your activation details or a PayPoint barcode or Card, please call the Finance Team on Tel.020 8804 1906 Ext 102 or email
quoting your name, your child’s name and form/class.

Menu and prices

Enfield Catering Services are proud to announce that they have achieved the Soil Association’s Silver Catering Mark for commitment, please click to read more….

We have a three week menu – click to see what we have on offer each day


We offer a special price for the meal of the day which includes a dinner & dessert.  We also offer ‘Pasta King’ dishes.   Here is our Price List….….

BSS Pricing Poster Summer 2019

Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

If your family receives certain benefits or is on a low income, your child could be eligible for a free school meal. It costs nothing to check & apply but could save you money.

Please check if your child is eligible for ‘Free School Meals / Pupil Premium on this Service’  It is a web site where parents can quickly and easily check eligibility for free school meals and, if eligible, also gain welcome additional funding for their child’s school, known as ‘Pupil Premium’.

If eligible, you are not obliged to accept the free school meals for your child if you wish to make other arrangements, but we do want to encourage applications as the additional funding gained would still benefit education provision at the school.

For more information please visit  or apply here  FSM 2018 Application Form

Please note a Free School Meal allowance is for food only.  Please supply your child with a drink each day.

Be allergen aware

We are committed to ensure that all pupils can be catered for safely regardless of their allergen requirements.

The allergen & special diet information for dishes can be found here

Healthy Eating Guidelines