Learning at Bishop Stopford’s School I will learn, I will achieve…Learning at our School is not restricted to the classroom. Whether this involves visiting West End shows to see how the written word moves to stage, or visiting countries where the foreign language is spoken to immerse in the language and culture, or visiting business to see how the commercial world operates, staff in all subjects embrace opportunities to take students out of the classroom to bring learning alive.

Our teaching focuses continually on re-evaluation and improvement. Assistant Headteachers attached to each year group focus on student progress. Individually tailored plans are put in place to enable and encourage each student to aspire to and then achieve to the best, if not better, of their ability.

Curriculum Intent

To develop a curriculum that:

  • Facilitates the acquisition of a broad and diverse range of knowledge for all students
  • Is ambitious, inclusive and engaging for all learners
  • Provides clear routes of progression throughout KS3 – KS5 and beyond for all students
  • Prepares our students and equips them for future success and life in the wider world
  • Instils a greater understanding of our local area and the world in which we live
  • Instils core values of respect, consideration, responsibility, loyalty and success

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