Year 11 Trial Exams

exams thumbnail Year 11 Trial Examinations

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to inform you that all Year 11 students will be sitting a series of trial examinations in the two weeks beginning Monday, 1st December 2014, please find the timetable enclosed.  Students due to take the Science ISA examination will be notified by their individual teachers of the date and time.

Most of the examinations will take place between 9am and 13.30pm.  Students with exams starting at 9am should arrive in school no later than 8.35am and line up in the registration groups. Students with exams starting at 11.30 should arrive in school at 11am.  Students should only be present in school for the sessions in which they have exams and will be allowed to leave school when their last exam for the day has finished.  On days when students do not have any exams they should revise independently at home, as they will during the examination period in the summer.

Students should arrive in school with correct equipment for their exams; this includes pens, pencils, a ruler and rubber.  In addition, some examinations may need a calculator, other special equipment or course books.

These are important examinations; the results will give parents and teachers guidance as to the student’s progress, and will highlight their strengths and areas for improvement.  The results will be taken into account when deciding on the tier of entry for the GCSEs this summer and in predicting grades for sixth form applications.

Full school uniform must be worn at all times, any student who does not adhere to this will not be allowed to sit their exams that day, and will instead be required to sit them in a series of after school detentions.

Students must be silent and not communicate with each other in any way during the exam. Examination Boards disqualify candidates who are found to have mobile phones during an examination this must not be brought into the examination hall.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the school if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,
T Day
Deputy Head Teacher

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