Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Whitstable

'On Thursday year 10 geography students went to the Whitstable in Kent to conduct their geography fieldwork.  Working in groups they undertook both human(doing pedestrian count and interviewing the locals ) and physical study( measuring the beach profile, height of the groynes and sediment samples as well).  As the geography department, we are very pleased that students worked well and managed to get their fieldwork study of gathering primary data.  

I would also like to thank Daniel Weekes an ex-student who is currently studying Geography at the University of Hertfordshire for volunteering and supporting our kids and all those members of staff who came with us on the day Mr Sanuga, Mr Jennings, Mr Riddell, Ms Matlub and Ms B. as well as Ms Webb and Ms Miller for helping out with the admin.    Student accounts to follow!'
Mrs Sonmez
Head of Geography 
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