Water Workshop

61On Friday 18th March, Year 7 and 8 students had a Water Workshop delivered to them by a visitor from Thames Water during their Geography lessons. As ‘World Water Day’ is coming up on March 22nd, and with Year 7s just completing the ‘Rivers and Flooding’ topic, this workshop was extremely relevant! Year 8s are also coming to the end of their ‘Resources and the Environment’ topic so they were able to engage and build upon prior knowledge with some extremely inquisitive and inspiring questions.
Students discussed how having shorter showers links to saving our polar bears, and came away with shower timers in order to take on the ‘4 minute challenge’!

Furthermore, the Geography Water Explorer club invited Cath from Thames Water to delve deeper into water vulnerability issues, and it was wonderful see that many students are already taking steps to reduce their waste of water.

Overall; a very inspiring and thought provoking experience, in preparation for ‘World Water Day’, and ‘World Water Week’ which occurs in June!