Trampoline session run by our Yr10 students

On Tuesday 23rd January, a group of nine gifted and talented gymnasts from Carterhatch junior school cake and took part in a trampoline session run by our Yr10 students. The Yr3-5 pupils had come runners up in the Enfield Gymnastics Festival in November and their teacher wanted to inspire them further.


The Yr10 students taught the gymnasts the basics from stopping and the various shapes to more complex landings like seat/ front and back and then even moved on to swivel hips and combination drops like seat drop to front drop. Josiah then went on to compete in a swivel hips competition with everyone (including their class teacher!) doing over 20 swivel hips in a row!

It was a lovely afternoon had by all and an event which will happen again soon. The Yr3-5 students throughly enjoyed themselves with their teacher emailing this over the same evening,

“Once again could I say what a wonderful time our students had trampolining this afternoon and well done to the students who supported and were very patient working with us.

The children went home really happy and are certainly eager for more! I appreciate you time, preparation and support.”

The Bishop’s students loved working with the primary school and have asked for more sessions to be put in place… watch this space!