The Bishop Stopford’s roll of honour!



We were runners-up in the Nfield Schools Tournament in years 7 and 9 and champions in year 8.

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Netball_2010-11The girls’ team represented Enfield at the London Youth Games.

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Another successful campaign, winning the Borough Campionships in years 7 and 8, the Girls’ Athletic League and numerous broken records.

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Trampolining_2010-11The Junior and Senior Teams both came first in the Borough Campionships this year and the Intermediate team came second.

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Other sports

Tennis_2010-11We have been very successful in a range of other sportsb including volleyball, rugby, badminton, table tennis, tennis, cricket, girls’ basketball, rounders and dance.

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Boys’ football

Girls’ Football

Boys_Football_2010-11_smallAnother fantastic year! Borough Champions in Yeards 7 and 8 and runners up in Year 11.Click here to see the teams and star players. Girls_Football_2010-11_smallThe girls’ team is now unbeaten in 3 years! We compteted in the Middlesex County FA Girls’ Schools Finals.Click here to see the teams and star players.