Summer School programme

banner4aWe will be initiating our inaugural Summer School programme this year for prospective Year 7 students who will be joining us in September 2015, to assist them to transition smoothly into secondary education. This will take place from Monday July 27 until Friday August 7, 2015 between 9.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. daily and will be FREE of charge for students.

The focus of the programme will be to:

· provide literacy and numeracy skills development within a structured programme, alongside enrichment activities for the students.

• build trust and form positive relationships with each other
• raise aspirations and attainment for children
• tackle young peoples’ fears about transition and build social confidence
• enable students to develop new friendships and improving their self-esteem and confidence
• assist students to develop an increasing interest in school and school work
• get students used to their new routines and school organisation with great ease
• enable parents to have little or no concerns as students are assisted to settle well in school life

The following subject areas will be offered – Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Textiles, Art & Design, ICT, P.E., R. E., Food Technology, Dance among others, all in a fun-filled setting. As part of the Summer School Programme, we have organised a visit to the London Eye and the London Eye River Cruise on Friday 31st July 2015. Students will need to be in School for a prompt departure by 8.30 a.m on this day. We will also be having a Sports Day, Talent Show and Showcase where we exhibit items created by the students during the Summer School. Letters will be sent out to parents who have accepted a place in the Summer School.


To allow your child to take part and benefit from this visit and all the activities planned for Summer School parents are asked to complete and return the Consent Form in the letter on Taster Day (Friday 10th July) to ensure we have this information ready for the start of the Summer School.

We thank you for your interest and look forward in seeing you there. Any questions or comments or for more information, kindly contact the Summer School Administrator – Mr. M. Whorms on 020 8804 1906 or email<>