Stopfordian Leadership Academy

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This half term saw the launch of our
‘Stopfordian Leadership Academy’.

This has given pupils the opportunity to develop and improve their existing leadership skills but also play an active and positive role into the day-to-day running of the school. 

Strand 1 – Stopfordian Service

This is an altruistic service to the school community in order to make our school better for everyone. Pupils will have the opportunity to enrol in the Stopfordian Leadership Academy each half term. The rotation of service areas will be organised via registration and  pupils will be supported by their form tutor and head of year, ensuring all involved know exactly ‘What to Do’ and an appropriate timetable/rota to ensure each pupil is involved.

Strand 2 – Classroom Leadership

Pupils will be selected within each lesson (by subject teacher) to support giving out books; checking home learning activities are recorded in planners; handing out equipment/resources. Two pupils minimum to be selected – Rotated every Half Term – Displayed in all classrooms.



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