Sports Day -Monday 17th July

Sports Day at Bishop's Stopford

This whole school event took place on Monday 17th July 2023.  Students had been looking forward to this for a long time and were not disappointed with a full range of sporting inter-form activities that everyone took part in.  Final standings and bonus behavior points were added throughout the day leading to the grand finale athletics events where our students really excelled.  Engagement and behavior were fantastic as students and staff worked together towards a common goal of winning the overall title.

Form final standings:

Year 7

Form Position
7N 1st
7L 2nd
7P 3rd
7M 4th


Year 8

Form Position
8N 1st
8M 2nd
8L 3rd
8P 4th


Year 9

Form Position
9M 1st
9P 2nd
9N 3rd
9L 4th


Year 10

Form Position
10L 1st
10R 1st
10J 2nd
10N 3rd
10M 4th
10P 5th


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