Solar Eclipse Due Tomorrow

By: Precious

NASA has reported to BBC News that tomorrow Europe is going to experience a total solar eclipse between 8 and 10 am.

Today, I interviewed Michelle and she said: ‘I am terrified, especially because the whole school is going to go very dark, but it is going to be a truly memorable event because it is going to be my first time actually experiencing it, so I am very excited!’

Tomorrow’s total eclipse is going to be the biggest and best one since 1999 and truly unforgettable, however it would be strongly advised for parents and guardians to inform children that although it is very exciting there is one particular danger to tomorrow’s eclipse: keeping your eyesight.

Permanent damage to the retina can occur in just 100 seconds, which can easily be avoided, so please take caution. But if you can’t resist the temptation and really want to savour the moment, you can also invest in some fairly expensive, high quality protective glasses, which can be purchased on Amazon or EBay. The problem with buying the glasses now is that they may not come in time for tomorrow.

Astrologists have a simple, scientific explanation for this solar eclipse: a total solar eclipse takes place when the Moon completely covers the Sun and casts its umbra and penumbra on Earth.

But different people from various religious groups, such as Christianity have a different justification for it. They say this is the beginning of the end times, when unusual happenings like this occur. Despite this not all Christians believe this.