I would like to invite you attend the Sixth Form Parents’ Evening which is taking place on December 5th. For students in Year 13 this is the final opportunity for parents to find out about their child’s progress in each subject, their predicted grades and the targets they have been set in order to support them meeting them. For the students in Year 12 this is a first opportunity to meet the subject teachers and find out your child has settled into their new courses and get an early indication of the grades they are working at currently and towards.

For this evening, we are using an online appointment system which will give you the chance to make a 10 minute appointment with each of your child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress and achievement.

Please log onto website and log in with the details provided at the beginning of term.  If you do not have these details then please email:  When logged in, scroll across the tabs at the top until you come across Parents Evening.  In here you will find a list of all your child’s subject teachers.  By clicking a teacher, you can book a timed slot which will then come up under Booked Appointments.  Please note that this site will close at 16:59 on Thursday 5th December. Early booking is advised.

We ask you to try to adhere to appointment times as closely as possible.  However, occasional changes in times given are bound to occur, especially later on in the evening for members of staff fully booked throughout.  Please accept our apologies for any delay. If you would like to speak to myself as your child’s Head of Year, I will be available to speak to but will not have a booking system. Mrs Solomon our 6th form support officer and careers advisor will also be available on the night to support any careers related enquiries.

If you are coming by car, please drive into the main staff car park.  Please be careful of vehicles exiting this way.  Please do not park in Brick Lane.  If you are coming on foot please use the student entrance and the single door in the main student entrance.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday 5th December between 5.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m.  If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to call the school.

Kind Regards

Mrs. C. Robbins

Assistant Headteacher

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