Rhys Lanahan or Kazeem Sarumi in Year 11 to be co hosts at the RWiSDA 2014

Hi All

I wanted to share some good news – if you see Rhys Lanahan or Kazeem Sarumi in Year 11, please give them a pat on the back for this!


As you may know, we’ve been taking part in the Rudolph Walker Drama Competition for 4 years now.  Rhys & Kazeem have participated every year – together winning ‘Best Play’ in 2012 and Kazeem won ‘Best Actor’ that same year.  On top of this, we’ve been invited to the House of Lords, been to dinner with Mr Walker, taken part in interviews, etc.  Last visit, Mr Walker commented that we were the easiest, most helpful school to work with.  In conclusion, we’ve made a very positive impression!


This year, Rhys & Kazeem are not allowed to participate (the competition is for years 7 – 10 only).  However, not wanting to put their hard work to waste, Mr Walker has asked Rhys and Kazeem to HOST the competition this year alongside Choice FM DJ Kat B.

This is the first time any students have been asked to host, and I’ve been told, “We see these boys being a part of the competition for a long time.”  It’s a real honour for Mr Walker to have given Rhys & Kazeem this opportunity – two 16 year olds working alongside seasoned actors and presenters – and I can’t express enough how proud I am of how they’ve consistently represented the school for 4 years.

Please congratulate them if you see them!

To see pictures and videos of this year’s entry:


To see the video of our winning performance in 2012: