Stopfordian Ethos

Bishop Stopford’s School strives to be a Christian Community of Love and Learning. The way we are taught, the way we are nurtured, the way we are valued has an incredible impact upon how we develop and mature into the people we become. Christ confronts us to turn our lives and the practice of our...

Weekly Worship

Each week pupils will attend a school assembly which contains an act of Collective Worship. The theme of the week will be presented by a member of the Senior Staff in a presentation, pupils will lead prayers for the world and school community and the school prayer will be said in mass.

Pause for Thought

Daily worship is an essential part of the school community and all form groups follow the school ‘Pause for Thought programme which is linked to the theme of the week. These sessions can be teacher or pupil lead and contain Biblical passages, music and film clip videos and prayers.

End of Term Holy Communions

Holy Communion, the sacred meal instituted by Christ himself as the way of remembering his love and the Word of life he gave us in the holy scriptures are celebrated at the end of each term in the school. Two houses attend daily in the last week of term; pupils read the Bible and lead...

Founders’ Day

Annually the school celebrates its Foundation with a service of celebration in the school hall. This takes place in the first week of July. A chamomile plant and the school rolls are presented the new Head Boy and Girl and the Prefects for the forthcoming academic year are presented to the school. These all serve as...

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