Year Groups

Heads of Year are responsible for the welfare and academic achievement of all students within their year group, in particular for ensuring that each student achieves his or her full potential. They lead and organised a team of tutors and attached staff to fulfill this function. Each year group of students progresses with its Head of Year through to year 11.

Heads of Year ensure that your child thrives and succeeds in all areas of their school life.

Our Current Heads of Year



Mr Smyth

Mr P Smyth

Year 7 (fixed)

Mrs Pavlou

Ms M Pavlou

Year 8

Ms Dorrington

Ms T  Dorrington

Year 9

Mr Barker

 Mr Barker

Year 10

Mr Gallacher

Mr R Gallacher

Year 11

Mr Smith

Mr R Smith
Mr A  Basith

Year 12 and Year 13