New BSS School Uniform 2015

uniform1webDear Parents/Carers

I wrote to you back in March regarding the proposed changes to the school uniform which were agreed by governors in April. Since there has been lots of lively debate about the school uniform, ranging from the colour of the blazer and the nature of the trim to whether we should have a blue or a grey jumper! I have enjoyed this very much because, as I have explained to our students, the decision is theirs to make. Students have worn the various iterations of the uniform around school for all to see, which ensures everyone is fully informed and able to comment. I have conducted assemblies in all year groups, explaining to students that the Student Council is the ultimate vehicle through which the decision will be made. We are now nearing the end of our process and the uniform is settling around the following:-

If you would like to view photographs and more information of the proposed uniform modelled by our students, you can access this by the parents’ section HERE.