Mr Woods’ end of term letter to parents

BSSpostlogoDear Parents / Carers
I would like to wish you all a happy, blessed and Holy Easter. The term has sped by as usual and we are now in our last day in school.  I have just spoken to our Year 11 students in assembly to wish them well in their Easter revision.  Many of them will be in school over the next two weeks for additional lessons, consolidating learning or revising.  I’m sure you will encourage your child, if in year 11, to attend every one of these sessions.

The Paschal mystery of Easter celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ is the greatest liturgical event celebrating events from Palm Sunday, through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. This week, we have all taken part in Lenten Liturgies at St. James’ church.  We had to do two sittings as we are so many and both were lovely celebrations.  All thanks to Fr. Ian for his hospitality and enthusiasm.

I secured funding to improve further our school site and work will begin, probably over the summer holidays, to replace completely the boys’ toilets in the West wing.  I know this has been a source of concern for many of you, and for our students so I am particularly pleased that we got the money.

Last night I was a very proud man.  I attended the finals of the Enfield choir competition.  Our wonderful gospel choir came an incredibly close second to St Ann’s choir.  This is a tremendous achievement for us as we only formed the choir less than two years’ ago, so to come second is a wonderful achievement.  The choir was a credit to the school, themselves and their parents, so a huge ‘well done’!  This morning, I received a truly lovely message from a member of the audience last night, and a senior Local Authority employee.  In it she commented that:

“I have attended many Enfield schools’ music events over the last 40 years. Many of these have been good or outstanding as well as memorable for a whole host of reasons. Many of them included the students of the secondary school where I worked for many years, many included very gifted musicians who have gone on to make careers in music, some even included my own daughter from the age of 3 to 18 as she went to school in Enfield and every occasion had an impact on me for different reasons. I thought that in my long career with Enfield schools and a lifelong love of music and live performance that I had witnessed it all. However last night at the Enfield Choral Competition I had the pleasure and the privilege to hear and witness several outstanding performances.

The performance from [Bishop Stopford’s] Choir blew me away!  It is still in my head and heart 12 hours later and I want very much to enable others to experience what I experienced last night when I heard you for the first time. Such joy, such hope, such passion and such impact! One of my most moving music experiences and I have heard a lot of live music. Please accept my thanks and congratulations.

Very soon Enfield will have a new Mayor, Bernadette Lappage, and she is even more enthusiastic about music and live performance than I am. Bernadette is intending to raise the profile of young musicians in Enfield and she is looking for Music Champions and Ambassadors in order that we can fully begin to appreciate the number of very talented young musicians we have here in Enfield and acknowledge the significant contribution those young musicians offer to their school and local communities. I have already volunteered to be one of the Music Ambassadors and I knew last night I have just discovered a mighty talent in your school Choir.

I will today write to the new Mayor and tell her about you, I know she will want at some point to hear you herself. I am also aware that many of you are in Year 11 so I am conscious we cannot at this stage make demands on your precious time but maybe after the exams there may be opportunities? I would also like to nominate some of you (or why not the whole choir!) to be amongst the Borough’s very first Music Champions. There will be more information about this soon and I will share this with you via Ms Dougherty and your senior staff. There will be no obligation for any of you to be involved in this exciting new initiative but I hope at least you will consider the possibility.

All that remains is for me to thank you once again for your magnificent and moving performance yesterday. Please invite me to the school in order that I can hear you again. I have other ideas I would like to share with you but this is already a very long message so those ideas can wait.

I wish every single one of you the very best of luck with your future especially those taking GCSEs soon. I greatly look forward to meeting and hearing you again soon.  Thank you and all very best wishes for a Happy Easter, Kathy Hall”

Thank you to all staff, students and the wider community for your commitment to each other.

This comes to you, as ever, with every good wish for Easter.

Kind regards
Paul Woods