Mission Statement

Bishop Stopford’s School Mission Statement

Bishop Stopford’s is a Church of England school open to all students. Our mission is to provide first rate teaching, learning and extra-curricular activities within a caring and supportive Christian environment.

The Aims of the School

Bishop Stopford’s School aims in all branches of its life and in all its endeavours to imitate the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ in His teaching, His encouragement of others, His formation of community life, and His compassion for those in need.

We aim:

To provide a secure, caring and structured environment in which all students, regardless of race or culture, are encouraged to strive for excellence, and to develop self-reliance, self-discipline and self confidence through participation in a wide range of academic, cultural and social activities;

To enable students to enhance their knowledge of the Christian faith, respect for its values and familiarity with the practices of the Church, whilst respecting also the beliefs and values of those of other faiths;

To enable all students to develop through competition and co-operation their academic, physical and social capabilities to the highest possible standards;

To prepare students to enter adult life as active and responsible citizens, and to enable them to develop skills relevant to employment; and

To help students to develop an understanding of the world and society in which we live, a concern for the environment and an awareness of the inter-dependence of individuals, communities and nations.