Key Stage 5 (A Levels)

The AQA A Level course is taught with one examination sat at the end of the two years. It offers a natural progression from the GCSE, offering an ‘issues’ and ‘impacts’ approach to contemporary geography. The course includes physical and human concepts:

Water and carbon cycles

Hot desert systems and landscapes or Coastal systems and landscapes or Glacial systems and landscapes

Hazards or Ecosystems under stress

Global systems and global governance

Section B: Changing places

Section C: either Contemporary urban environments or Population and the environment or Resource security

Questions are: multiple-choice, short answer, levels of response and extended prose.

A Level students undertake a fieldwork component to expand their geographical skills. This is a 3000-4000 word individual investigation, worth 20% of the A-Level. Students will be fully supported with this investigation, which will be based on a question or issue relating to content taught as part of the course.