Students will start their GCSEs programmes of study at the beginning of Year 9 to give them three years to prepare. The options process takes place during the spring term in Year 8.

English, maths and science still dominate the curriculum. It is crucial that our students succeed in the three core subjects as they are fundamental in creating future pathways, many sixth forms and colleges require at least a C/5 grade in all three subjects in order to follow L3 courses.

We pride ourselves on giving our students an open and broad choice of subjects that are suited to all abilities and interests. These are taught in mixed ability but not mixed enthusiasm groups, as students have actively chosen to study these subjects further.

Success is in the core is imperative. The students are taught in set groups similar to those established lower down the school.

As a church school, Religious Education is very important to us, all of our students study the full GSCE course which we have considerable success in. GCSE RE is viewed by all our students as a way of exploring spiritual ideas and social attitudes. It is a subject which makes a very significant contribution to our delivery of PSHE and the promotion of British values.

All students should take courses that reflect their strengths and interests whilst bearing in mind the importance of a broad and balanced range of subjects. All students will receive the necessary support and guidance as part of the options process to help ensure that they follow the most appropriate courses.

All students will study the compulsory core curriculum:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science – Combined Science GCSE
  • RE
  • Core PE

In addition to the core subjects above students will also have 4 further options in year 11 and 3 further options if they are currently in year 9 or 10.


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chart4Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 08.50.07For further information about the curriculum we offer at Bishop Stopford’s School please contact Mrs James

Options booklet 2017

GCSE Examination Courses
All GCSE Examination courses now have a terminal exam in the summer, although some courses require students to undertake controlled assessments which are sat under exam conditions in house. The details of all courses and their content are outlined in the Key Stage 4 booklet distributed during the options process in year nine. If you wish to learn more about the courses we offer click on the relevant links below.

Subject Exam Board Level
Art Edexcel GCSE
Textiles Edexcel GCSE
Business Studies Edexcel GCSE
Food Technology NCFE GCSE
Graphic Products AQA GCSE
Resistant Materials AQA GCSE
Drama Edexcel GCSE
English Literature Edexcel GCSE
Geography AQA GCSE
History Edexcel GCSE
Computer Science Edexcel GCSE
Mathematics (Linear) Edexcel GCSE
German Edexcel GCSE
Spanish Edexcel GCSE
French Edexcel GCSE
Music Edexcel GCSE
ICT (Single Award) Edexcel GCSE
Religious Studies AQA GCSE
Sociology AQA GCSE
 Additional Science  AQA  GCSE
 Core Science  AQA  GCSE
Business Edexcel Level 2
Performing Arts(Acting) Edexcel Level 2
Business (Cambridge Technical) OCR Level 2