Key Stage 3


Arriving in year seven can be a daunting experience, but our highly qualified tutors and teachers are very skilled in dealing with all aspects of moving to secondary school. We have a strong pastoral team who provide support and care to all students. Each child is allocated a form tutor, to help them get the best from each and every day, and a House which provides opportunities for healthy competitions. In their first two years of school students study a curriculum based on the core subjects of English, maths and science, supplemented by an in depth study of the humanities and languages taught by specialist teachers. The primary focus in year 7 is to develop key skill that equip students to be successful during KS4. Alongside this core, students develop their creative and sporting potential through the teaching of PE and a range of visual and performing arts.

Religious Studies and PSHE
Our Christian ethos permeates the curriculum and ensures that moral purpose is central to all that we do. At Bishop Stopford’s School we believe that all our students should understand what it means to be a good person. We provide dedicated lessons that help our students to understand their place in the world and their moral and social responsibilities within a community. Our PSHE lessons cover topics such as bullying, friendship, sex education and spiritual issues. We promote freedom, tolerance, a belief in personal and social responsibility and respect for British values. Tutor time and assemblies also support students in their understanding of these key issues.

Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
At Bishop Stopford’s School we are very proud of our ability to integrate the integral elements of literacy, numeracy and ICT into all of our lessons. Although the number of lessons assigned to English and Maths is greater than in other disciplines, we understand that the elements of numeracy and literacy go beyond what can be taught in the individual subjects of English and Maths. Throughout our curriculum we teach students to problem solve, converse in context and use ICT in a meaningful way.

Students who struggle with literacy and or numeracy may receive small group interventions, or if necessary, one to one individual support for Catch Up literacy, Catch Up Numeracy and Speech, Language and communication Needs.

The school offers small group nurture provision for pupils requiring emotional literacy support and extra-curricular activities are offered via homework club, breakfast club and break time games club for this cohort.

Our curriculum model is based on a 50 period fortnight. The pie chart below shows the number of lessons allocated to each subject throughout KS3.