Geography Trip to Canary Wharf

1Last week, ten lucky Year 8 students who are part of the Geography ‘Water Explorer’ Club, were invited to visit HSBC Headquarters in Canary Wharf. Chosen from 500 teams from across the country; Tylan, Zayn, Reilly, Savvas, Antonio, Alexander, Anna, Rachael, Rianna and Pilar competed at the National Celebration Event.



2 The group presented their work throughout the year to a panel of judges who work ‘in the city’. The judges praised them for their teamwork and valiant efforts to spread the word about water issues in the world. Although the students did not make it to the International Event, they have performed brilliantly to get to this stage in the competition, and should be commended on their successes so far. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all, culminating in a nice slice of cake, frisbee, and certificates for all. Congratulations Water Explorers!





Miss L Colet

Subject Leader of Geography at Bishop Stopford’s School