General Election

By Courtney, Trishna, Jessica


How many of you know what the general election is?
How many of you know what party you’re going to vote for?
Did you know that most young people don’t vote? The main reason given for this is that it is an issue rarely covered in school.

What is the general election?

The election allows the adult population of the UK to choose representatives from constituencies throughout the country.

The general election normally takes place in May. This year (2015) the general election will take place on May the 7th

The parties are:

  • British National Party-Leader: Nick Griffin
  • Conservatives- Leader: David Cameron( current Prime Minster)
  • Green Party- Leader: Natalie Bennett
  • Labour-Leader :Ed Miliband
  • Liberal Democrats- Leader: Nick Clegg
  • Scottish National Party- Leader: Nicola Sturgeon
  • United Kingdom Independence Party- Leader: Nigel Farage

Polls taken from the BBC see on 17 March 2015 suggest that support of these parties is running at:

Labour: 34%
Conservatives: 33%
United Kingdom Independence Party: 14%
Liberal Democrats: 7%
Green Party: 5%
Others: 7%


British National Party
The BNP is proud to campaign on a number of issues which set it apart from all other political parties, namely the conflict in Afghanistan, the immigration invasion of our country, the threat to our security posed by Islamism and the danger of the European Union to our sovereignty

Conservatives polices
Conservatives want to reduce the deficit, cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty. They also want to create more jobs, cap welfare and work to control immigration. Finally they want to deliver the best schools and skills for young people

Green Party polices
The Green Party aims to create a just, equitable and sustainable society. They focus efforts primarily, though not exclusively, through the electoral system.

The Green Party is a democratic organisation in which their members decide their policy, opening up politics to those outside the Westminster Establishment. Their members come from all walks of life; most of them are not professional politicians, but each of them can have a voice in how their policies are written, updated and amended.

Labour Party polices
Labour policies include wanting to tackle low pay, protecting the NHS, a mansion tax, to sort out immigration, fix education and stabilise public spending.

Liberal Democrats polices
Liberal democrats believe adults should be allowed to end their own life. They also believe in foreign aid and free trade. The Liberal Democrats would increase opportunities to live and work in Australia while carefully guarding access to welfare and citizenship.

Scottish National Party
Scottish Nation Party wants to help Scottish with economy and jobs. Furthermore, they want to help Scotland with independence and justice.

United Kingdom Independence Party
UKIP want to protect jobs and increase prosperity. They want to repair the UK Economy and they are against being in the EU.

Health and NHS
Most of parties want to fix the NHS. The NHS is the National Health Service. This the reason why we can get braces for free, have check ups regularly and helps us with emergency incidents.

Views around School

What do you think the voting age should be?
‘I think it should be 18 as you are more mature when your 18.’

What parties do you prefer?
‘I really like Green Party.’

Do you like UKIP?
‘I feel UKIP are playing the race card and I don’t thing Nigel Farage is the best person to run the country. I remember seeing him on TV after he won something, holding a pint of beer.’

What do you think the voting age should be?
‘I think it should be16 because some people start work at that age so they should be able to decides who run the country.’

What parties do you prefer?
‘Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.’

Which parties do you dislike?
‘Labour, because I feel when they were in power they financially bad for the country. I don’t like UKIP because I feel they’re keeping most of their polices quiet.’

‘More support for NHS’

What do you think the voting age should be?
16, because you can do things at 16. 16 is the trusted age.

What  parties do you prefer?
‘I don’t have a favourite party. Any party that believes in equality, justice and difference is a party I’m voting for. A lot of parties offer good things.’

What do you love about the country?
‘I love the diversity.’

Do you like UKIP
‘Not really’

I hope helped answer some question you had about the general election. We hope when you leave school you will know exactly who to vote for.

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