Future Classics

A survey on three year 8 classes I found that the most anticipated album for this year is Kendrick Lamar- ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’. Drake was a close second. Trey Songz was not one of the most popular but he was put on the list by popular demand. This is because of his smooth tone and his lyrics which normally revolve around the idea of love. The reason that people liked Drake is because people like his repetitive choruses and is slightly sadistic sense of humour. Drake is very truthful to himself as most of his songs are about changes in his personality or issues about himself. Drake also showed his influences in the song Wu-tang forever because he was able to relate his love life to the acclaimed wu-tang clan. This shows that Drake has a good taste in music because the Wu-tang clan were named recently as the best rap group of all time.

In an interview with year 8 student named Kaireece he said:

‘I like Drake because he is cool and he can sing as well as rap.’

Kendrick Lamar was first because of his powerful lyrics. Kendrick Lamar was first recognised for his ‘O(VERLY) D(edicated) Mixtape’. This compilation was very powerful and there were some notable songs on the track list such as ‘The Heart Part2’,’ Average Joe’ and ‘Growing Apart(to grow closer)’. This song served more as an introduction to those who hadn’t heard of him before. In 2011 Kendrick released his ‘Section.80’ in which he detailed the problems that are faced by children born in the 1980’s. The tracks are very thought provoking and personal. Kendrick’s ‘Freshman’ album 2012 was ‘Good Kid M.A.A.D City’, in this album Kendrick showed how skilled he is at story telling. In this album he talked about a sobering experience he had as he was turning into a young adult. This album explains why he does certain things such as not smoking; not condoning gang violence and why he doesn’t drink. The most recognised song from the album is ‘M.a.a.d City’, in this song Kendrick goes into full detail of the gang violence that went on in his neighbourhood. He even talks about the fact that he saw his uncle being shot in the head when he was nine. The story he tells is of his own over confidence later broken by this experiences and others.

In short if you want to own a future classic buy one of these inspirational albums.

Future Classics