Extra-Curricular Sports Round-up October 2018


Bishops have been competing at a high level across the borough this term with some impressive performances.  Every year group has been in action either against local schools or in the school inter-house sport.  The highlights are as follows:


Year 10.11 BB



Inter-House Events

Great turn-out of students for these events in Football and netball.  Year 10 produced the most highly contested event so far with some terrific performances!!!  The most spectacular goal came from Leondre who consistently showed he was a different class of player!!!  Attached pictures of Year 10 Tournament and our expert 6th form referees.


Year 13 Leaders

Football is a big part of our community at Bishops with sessions taking place every break, lunch and after school.  We have talented boys and girls who play in and outside school!  




Year 7 – Outstanding Man of the Match performance from Nathan.  A well deserved goal from Omarion and unbelievable solo effort from Shayne from the half-way line hit the back of the net against Winchmore School!  In addition Keira has shown her ability in football for the girls whilst also competing at a high level outside of school.

Year 8 – Brave performance from the Year 8 team v Alyward including a including neat finishes from Tito and Jamari.   Leonardo leading the way as the highest performing player in school sessions and now being observed by high profile teams outside of school – good luck to him!!!

Year 9 – Congratulations to Filozofe who gained an academy scholarship to Premier League team Wolverhampton Wanderers!  The number of Year 9’s playing lunch football may have an impact on their performances with current star players Eric and Rosh showing exceptional commitment!

Year 10 action



Year 10 – Led by talented players John and Joshua the Year 10 team have progressed in the Cup and are riding high in the league so far!  Played 3 won 2 in October – keep it up!


Lunch and after-school clubs run by the PE staff have an enormous number of students regularly attending.  This commitment is starting to pay off in competitive games and we look forward to a successful Basketball season.


Top scorers



Year 10/11 – An amazing start to the season with an impressive win over Edmonton County School.  Captain and Man of the match Daniel scored 18 points in a dominating performance!  Pictured are the Year 11 top scorers and victorious team!

Well done to all the players and a big thank you to the staff who give up their time to run these teams!!

Mr Jennings – Whole School Enrichment