Don’t Give Up for Lent! – ‘Phil the Bag’

PhillThumbAs the Christian church enters the season of Lent it is a time for reflection for all Christians around the round the world.

Here at Bishop Stopford’s School our Lenten theme for 2015 will be called ‘Don’t Give Up for Lent’. It has become a Lenten tradition for

many people to ‘give up’ things as a sign of penance in the weeks leading to Easter.

Alessandra NocivelliThis year we are encouraging our students to do the opposite and take on things for Lent. This could involve doing something extra to help others. Spending more time in prayer or reading the Bible. These themes will be explored in the assemblies and worship programme during Lent 2015.

One focus we are entering into as a school during Lent is the ‘Phil the Bag’ project. During this coming week we would like our pupils to look through their cupboards, draws and closets to find any items of clothing that are no longer useful to them. It could be clothes that no longer fit or are no longer in fashion.

‘Phil the Bag’ collates the clothes and distributes them to places in the world where there is extreme need and poverty. To find out more please have a look at their website
These clothes will be weighed and the ‘Phil the Bag’ company will give the school money to use on the pupils and school projects. Mr Woods has agreed that any money raised can be used by the school pupil council to provide support for the pupils.

If every pupil could bring in a plastic bag of old clothing before Friday 27th February 2015 it would be a very positive start to our Lent focus.

All form tutors will be reminding the pupils so we can get a good response this week.