Designated Child Protection Officers

Designated Safeguarding Officers – September 2019
Bishop Stopford’s School

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Please note that these lists are subject to additions being made following further training of additional members of staff. Updates will be given accordingly


Garry Lyle                                             Deputy Headteacher – DSL

Tammy Day                                           Headteacher

Ella Moynihan                                       Deputy Headteacher

Alfie Egembah                                       Assistant Headteacher

Nicole Daniels                                       Assistant Headteacher

Aaron Collingwoode-Williams         Assistant Headteacher

Judith Dougherty                                 Assistant Headteacher

Karis Folan                                             Head of Year 7

Tracy Dorrington                                  Head of Year 8

Peter Smyth                                          Head of Year 9

Tamsin Holland                                     Head of Year 10

Maria Pavlou                                        Head of Year 11

Carol Hart                                              SENCO

Eva Budweg                                          ESOL Provision Lead


Safer Recruitment Trained Staff – September 2019

Tammy Day                                           Headteacher

Ella Moynihan                                       Deputy Headteacher

Garry Lyle                                              Deputy Headteacher

Aaron Collingwoode-Williams       Assistant Headteacher

Ashleigh Tagg                                        Subject and Cover Lead

Elaine Neacy                                         PA to Headteacher

Michelle Bristow                                   Data Manager and Exams Officer

Kate Roskell                                          Chair of the Governing Body

Revd Ian Gallagher                               Foundation Governor

Jacqui Powell                                        Parent Governor

Safer Recruitment Officers

Tammy Day                          Head Teacher

Ella Moynihan                      Deputy Head Teacher

Elaine Neacy                        PA to Head Teacher

Ashleigh Tagg                      Teacher/Cover

Michelle Bristow                 Examinations Officer

Kate Roskell                         Chair to Governing Body

Jacqui Powell                       Parent Governor

Revd Ian Gallagher                        Foundation Governor