Art & Textiles

Head of Art:

Our aim at Bishop Stopford’s School is to develop our students’ visual literacy, to enable them to discover and unleash their own creative potential.

The Art and Textiles Department has excellent accommodation; a considerable amount of new equipment, computers, printers and scanners as well as projectors for multi media presentations, and an exciting team of teachers committed to supporting the growth of our students’ creativity and achievement.

All Art Staff in the department are qualified specialists ranging from Graphic Design, Textiles, Mixed Media Fine Art, and Art History.

All our students study a broad variety of disciplines, painting, drawing, sculpture, Textiles and print making, all work produced is supported with contextual studies. We encourage students to develop their own ideas through the process of making to produce a worthwhile piece of artwork. Art can provide the opportunity for students to express themselves through their art, thus raising their self-esteem.

Further studies in Art, lead to GCSE, AS and A’ Level qualifications. Most of our A’ Level students go on to study the subject in Higher Education by completing an Art Foundation Course and at some of the United Kingdoms top Art Colleges, before specialising at Degree Level.

At GCSE and A’ Level students are taken on visits to Galleries and Museums to influence ideas for coursework. At the end of the course students work is displayed at an exhibition to which friends and family are invited.

Exhibiting the work of students is important within school, we aim to display work from a variety of ages and abilities.

Bishop Stopford’s School

Bishop Stopford’s artwork

Bishop Stopford’s School in Enfield will explore the life of work through photographic portraiture and found imagery in magazines and the internet. The young people will take photos of themselves having looked at how other artists have represented themselves through portraiture. They will montage these portraits with found imagery using Photoshop.

We will be exploring Photoshop and photography to explore the life of work. We will be using this medium as it is something the year 12 students haven’t used very much. Photography is very immediate and when students incorporate portraits of themselves in their work it can help raise their self-esteem.