Curriculum Drop Down Day Monday 10th December 2018

On Monday 10th December 2018 we are having a Curriculum Drop-Down Day.  This means that as well as having some of their normal lessons students between Years 7-11 will also be having some special sessions on some different topics.  Students will have 2 normal lessons and 3 special sessions on the day.  The overall theme for the day is ‘Respect’ and the sessions will cover topics such as E-Safety, Respecting the Environment, Respecting each other and Respecting the Law.  There will also be opportunities for some student to look at vocational skills. 

The school day timings will be as normal and students should attend in full uniform as normal.  They should also go to their normal classrooms for the sessions unless told otherwise.

G Lyle

Deputy Headteacher – Character, Culture and Community