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Head of Drama and Performing Arts: Ms T Dorrington
Head of Faculty: Ms J Dougherty


Just to let you know that our students delivered a fantastic performance at the Drama competition today and really held their own against much older students. Although we didn’t win, we were commended for our script and the message it delivered.

Thanks for everyone who came along to support – it’s much appreciated.

Please give the kids a pat on the back if you see them:
Malaki Paul
Joseph Richards
Kwabena Osei
Jodie Skeggs


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Rhys Lanahan or Kazeem Sarumi in Year 11 to be co hosts at the RWiSDA 2014

Hi All

I wanted to share some good news – if you see Rhys Lanahan or Kazeem Sarumi in Year 11, please give them a pat on the back for this!


As you may know, we’ve been taking part in the Rudolph Walker Drama Competition for 4 years now.  Rhys & Kazeem have participated every year – together winning ‘Best Play’ in 2012 and Kazeem won ‘Best Actor’ that same year.  On top of this, we’ve been invited to the House of Lords, been to dinner with Mr Walker, taken part in interviews, etc.  Last visit, Mr Walker commented that we were the easiest, most helpful school to work with.  In conclusion, we’ve made a very positive impression!

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Rudolph Walker visits BSS for the RWISDA 2014



Back row left to right :,Florence, Kazeem, Ms Wiles, Mr Siaw, Rhys
Front row left to right : Joseph. Malakai, Mr Walker, Kwabena, Jodie


RWiSDA was first pioneered in the 1970’s with two schools from Brixton by Rudolph Walker OBE   is a British character actor, best known for his roles on television. He was the first black actor to appear in a major British TV series, his breakthrough role as Bill in the sitcom Love Thy Neighbour leading to a long and varied acting career.[1] He is currently best known as Patrick Trueman in the BBC One TV soap opera Eastenders.






Head of Drama: Ms E Wilesfront page_1

We are pleased to announce we are the winners of the Rudolph Walker Inter-Schools Drama Award 2012!

For more information, please visit our Extra-Curricular Activities link (below).


Our mission:
“We aim to provide a creative learning environment where students can improve their self-confidence, presentation, communication and team working skills in an environment based on mutual trust and respect.”


We believe that Drama is essential for students’ personal and social development. Through the creative process of Drama, we intend to:

  • raise students’ awareness of important social issues, encouraging them to explore and form their own opinions;
  • support students in building the skills to express themselves fluently and confidently;
  • enhance the students’ learning in English by studying contemporary literature and improving their speaking and listening skills.
 For more information on our Drama curriculum or our extra-curricular activities, please visit the links below: