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Thank You…

Ms Eggleton would like to thank Gabriel, Precious, Michelle, Courtney, Jessica, Trishna, Tamia, Nnenna, Faith, Joanna, Hannah, Tolu, Ciwendum, Kirsty, Reanne, Abi and Billie-Jo for being such busy and productive writers. Next year, video girls!!! (And Gabriel)

Solar Eclipse Due Tomorrow

By: Precious

NASA has reported to BBC News that tomorrow Europe is going to experience a total solar eclipse between 8 and 10 am.

Today, I interviewed Michelle and she said: ‘I am terrified, especially because the whole school is going to go very dark, but it is going to be a truly memorable event because it is going to be my first time actually experiencing it, so I am very excited!’

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Feminism- what is it in the 21st century? We recently celebrated International Women’s Day which reminds us of the journey we’ve made so far in the fight for gender equality. We have come a long way when it comes to women’s rights and it seems the ideology of feminism is becoming mainstream. Whether it’s the popular song by Beyoncé or Twitter having plenty to say; you are sure to come across it nowadays.

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Who Influences You Online

With internet safety week upon us, expectations for the internet community are very high to uphold. Online is meant to be a place of socialising and gaining information. As technology evolves, so have we on what we do on the internet. Now most, if not all of the internet has an element of sharing, and almost nothing is off limits to what we share. Social media has the power to change perspectives, thoughts and opinions. But does it have the power to influence you?

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Future Classics

A survey on three year 8 classes I found that the most anticipated album for this year is Kendrick Lamar- ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’. Drake was a close second. Trey Songz was not one of the most popular but he was put on the list by popular demand. This is because of his smooth tone and his lyrics which normally revolve around the idea of love. The reason that people liked Drake is because people like his repetitive choruses and is slightly sadistic sense of humour. Drake is very truthful to himself as most of his songs are about changes in his personality or issues about himself. Drake also showed his influences in the song Wu-tang forever because he was able to relate his love life to the acclaimed wu-tang clan. This shows that Drake has a good taste in music because the Wu-tang clan were named recently as the best rap group of all time.

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School Report 2015

Students from this school will be making the news for real on 19 March 2015 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.  In the meantime, take a look at what our students produced last year.