Build Up Group see World’s first!

On Wednesday 17th November 2021 the Bishop’s Build Up group were exclusively invited to the Sony TV Headquarters in London. Upon arrival, they each received their personalised ‘Sony Press Pass’ and were taken through to the glorious Brunel Building.

The Sony staff gave them an insight into their work and some of the projects they have been working on whilst the students were given the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of London. Our Year 7 students Kaedon and Tawia took to the comfy leather meeting chairs to engage in a mock business meeting whilst blockbuster Sony films were beamed behind them on the show screens.

The highlight of the day was being taken to the private Sony movie theatre to the public premiere viewing of Ghosterbusters Afterlife. Not only were we the only people invited so had the whole venue to ourselves but the Sony CEO came to open the show and informed us that we were the first members of the public in the whole world to see the movie and the freshly finished Spiderman trailer.  The students will now follow up this visit with a literacy based Film Review so we look forward to sharing these with the school community.

Mr Jennings

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