Boys and girls win North London Finals!

The year 8 girls stormed to their second victory in the north London finals today at Edmonton leisure centre.

They started off strongly winning the first obstacle relay and it just went from strength to strength, winning most of the track races, dropping only two points. The field events were outstanding, with great performances across all events. The final event saw the girls a whole lap ahead of the rest of the field! This is a fantastic achievement to win the north London finals twice and progress to the London finals where they will be hoping to regain their title as London Champions.

N London_finals_2sml

The year 7 boys followed in the year 8 girls footsteps by winning almost all of their races only dropping one point. They went out to win the competition and they did just that. Again just like the girls, they dominated the field events, and then stormed away to lead by a lap in the final relay of the day.


N London_finals_3sml

Both teams won their events by over 30 points, leaving the other schools trailing.

The London finals will be held at crystal palace national sports centre on 26th march 2013.