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Parental Survey Update 2017-2018

Throughout the school year parental surveys are carried out during parent’s evenings and other school functions. To date the findings for the current academic Year Parental surveys have carried out have collated below.

Further surveys will be taking place at the parent’s evenings. If any parents missed this opportunity and would like to take part in a survey please contact the school office. Your voice is very important in helping us provide a top quality education for your children.

Governor’s report Feb 2018

Stopfordian Stars

Dear all,

Thank you for joining us for another issue of Stopfordian Stars. We started the week with a sunny bank holiday and then had a number of days with 20+ degree weather, it looked like Spring had finally Sprung. This week, Behavior for Learning walks took place. Many staff members have commented on all the good work they are seeing in lessons. We want to thank you all for your continual hard work in ensuring this.

This week’s issue is full of praise for our hard working students.

Happy reading!

Stopfordian Stars issue 2

Year 11 – Arrangements for students during the exam period Monday 14th May – Friday 25th May

Please see link for the full revision and exam schedule for Year 11. Until half term, students are expected to be in lessons when not in an exam. For afternoon exams, students are to arrive at break time and need to attend the exam warm up session. If see your Head of Year, Ms Folan, if there are any queries.

May Half Term Revision Sessions and Saturdays for SLT

Enrichment Timetable Summer Term 2018

Please find below the most up-to-date timetable of our enrichment activities at the Bishop Stopford’s High School.  

I hope you will take the time to speak to your child about making the effort to attend these free activities.  Our school ethos is firmly based in the ‘Strive for Five’ approach to learning and these activities will support your child in becoming a rounded student.  In addition educational research has shown that the increased effort and resilience associated with pursuing such activities can raise attainment in the classroom.

Bishop Stopford’s Enrichment TT

Year 7 Trial Examinations

Dear Parent/Guardian

After the Easter holidays, your son/daughter will sit assessments in all subjects. The assessments will take place mostly during normal lessons and in their normal classrooms. For English, Maths and Science students will sit their exams in the hall so that they start to experience what more formal examinations are like. We want all students to fulfil their potential and strive to perform as well as they can in these important assessments. The results will help us to measure the progress they have made during the year.

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Bishop Stopford’s School Choir



Congratulations to the Bishop Stopfords School Choir who have won the Enfield Choir competition for second year running. They beat off strong competition from Enfield County & Highlands School. The judges praised both of their performances which combined beautiful harmony with strong solo elements.

Youth Basketball Club


My names Hannah Robson and I am the parent of Nathan Robson in year 11 at Bishop Stopford’s school.

I am currently involved running a youth basketball club at oasis Hadley school in Enfield, and we are hoping to advertise and increase numbers so more young people can benefit from the facilities and the opportunity to train.
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Year 7 Geography

Students in Year 7 took their learning outside this week to encourage the link between the classroom and the real world.  Our students have been studying Weather and Climate and with the recent range of weather experienced in the UK we felt it was important to get out and explore matters further.  In this lesson we looked at the different cloud types and students were able to identify them and consider what types of clouds are associated with rain.

Mr Jennings – Head of Geography

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

We offer a varied and interesting approach to geography based on the National Curriculum. Geography is concerned with interrelationships between people, landscapes, economic, and ecological systems. It is hoped that by studying geography, pupils will develop an interest in the subject, an enquiring mind, and a concern for the future of the planet upon which they live. Students begin their GCSE course at the end of Year 9.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

The new AQA GCSE covers four units, incorporated into three exams at the end of Year 11:

Paper 1 = ‘Living with the physical environment’ (35%)

Paper 2 = ‘Challenges in the human environment’ (35%)

Paper 3 =  ‘Geographical Applications’ (30%)

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Outlined below are the core texts, websites and support materials advised for independent study:

  • KS3 BBC class clips – Secondary Geography