Year 7 Trial Examinations

Dear Parent/Guardian

After the Easter holidays, your son/daughter will sit assessments in all subjects. The assessments will take place mostly during normal lessons and in their normal classrooms. For English, Maths and Science students will sit their exams in the hall so that they start to experience what more formal examinations are like. We want all students to fulfil their potential and strive to perform as well as they can in these important assessments. The results will help us to measure the progress they have made during the year.

Subject teachers will provide guidance to the students on when their assessment will be and how best to prepare for it. Form tutors will also be supporting this process with tutorials on revision techniques. Please support them with their preparations.

Above all, we do not want students to become anxious about these formal tests, but we do want them to gain the results that reflect their true ability and show excellent progress. If you do have any queries, or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Students need to bring along all of the required equipment to each assessment. For the assessments in the hall, students will need 2 black pens, 2 pencils, a ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor, compasses and a calculator for the second Maths and the Science exams.

We have attached the examination timetable to this letter. Could you please go through this with your child so they are aware of the assessments they will be sitting on each day.

We wish the very best of luck to all of our students.

Yours Sincerely

Mr P Smyth
Head of Year

Year 7 Trial Examinations