Pineapple Punch Festival

image0024Dear all,
Please find below the information for Saturday’s Black History Month event at the Dugdale centre, in Enfield.
Please invite your friends and family to the day. There is information on the tickets and how to get a discount below.
Our Choir will be performing between 12.30 and 13.00pm.
If any member staff is available to assist Judith between 11.45 and 13,00pm please can you let me know asap.

As part of Enfield’s Black History Month Celebration please find attached some information about the first ever BHM Festival to take place in the borough. Please show your support for this event by helping to publicise it in your schools. Please note that a special offer is available:
£3 entry day session 10-7pm
£13 day session + evening show (subject to availability)
Ticket Link for tickets to Pineapple Punch Festival is as follows:
Social Media Links for Pineapple Punch Festival as follows FB:
Twitter: @pineapplepunchy
Instagram: @pineapplepunchfest