Dates for Your Diary

BSSpostlogoDear Parents/Carers

I do hope this letter finds you in the best health despite the recent wet weather and that you and your families have had a happy and successful start to the New Year. I wish you and yours every happiness and success for 2016.


Dates for Your Diary

  • Thursday, 28th April – Year 6 Transition Evening
  • Friday, 6th May – Year 7 Reports issued home
  • Monday, 23rd May – KS3 exams
  • Monday, 20th June – Year 10 and Year 12 trial exams
  • Thursday, 14th July – Year 9 reports issued home
  • Friday, 15th July – Year 10 reports issued home with exam results;

exam results issued to parents for Year 7 and Year 8

Punctuality, Attendance and Resilience

I do appreciate that sometimes children fall very ill and I am also conscious that some of our students do fall seriously ill and, in a few cases, have to be hospitalised. However, I want to focus on non-attendance for “headaches”, “under the weather” and other minor illnesses. I have seen children off on Wednesday for “flu”, yet when I meet them on Thursday they are in the peak of health. Please remember, non-attendance does seriously affect students’ work and weakens resilience. It can also become habit-forming and many organisations are becoming more rigorous on this issue. Universities insist on 100% attendance and many groups, both educational and commercial, focus on attendance and punctuality in their requests for references.
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I do ask you to bear this in mind on this crucial issue. If we or the Local Authority can assist, we would only be too pleased.

Holidays during term time

I am sure you are very aware that the Government has taken away from me all authority to grant holidays during term time. I am truly sorry for any hardship caused but I cannot grant this. Whilst I appreciate fully that this may cause distress, my hands unfortunately are tied as this is Government policy, and, as a result, I must refuse any such requests.

The dates for the rest of the academic year and beyond are attached.

Kind regards
Paul Woods